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About Us


I have always found the kitchen to be a perfect creative space that is both challenging and rewarding. I’ve baked with my mom since I can remember, but even at a young age would copy recipes and take on the tasks alone. My mom is definitely the reason I have a love of baking and making!


Coming into My Own

I challenged myself in 2013 to take my artistic skills to a new medium. I started to apply the same principles of fine art, color theory and control to baking and decorating. For seven years, while managing a deli/bakery department, I honed my decorating and recipes to peak taste and perfection.


My dream started to take shape in 2016 when I purchased a new home equipped with two kitchens. It was perfect as it allowed me to have a dedicated space to continue making my creations for clients. I remained dedicated to my full-time job as I acquired equipment, clientele, management experience, and remained patient yet determined to start my own business.

Then it happened… it was a bittersweet day of saying farewell to my coworkers and customers. I resigned and went full-time as the owner/baker of Delish Dish Bakery.


Away from the Kitchen

I’m a devoted wife, mother, and friend. I love sunny days in my hammock, painting portraits, reading thriller novels, and spending time with my husband and family. While a lover of various genre of music, in the bakery I rock out to 90’s alternative and keep a live vibe while working. You might catch me at a craft store, in a local bakery aisle, or on a lake with my fishing pole.


So, what puts the Delish in the Dish?

This is where taste happens. I have spent numerous months perfecting recipes. Refining, baking samples for constructive criticism to bring me to this moment: you and your incredible event. Whether it be a birthday, anniversary or just a fun treat for the family or your valued faculty: I am here to make life easier and sweeter by creating your Delish Dish, to put a smile on everyone’s face with each bite.


I am excited and grateful to exceed your expectations and look forward to helping you plan the sweetest part of your celebration!


Melissa Kennison

Delish Dish Bakery Owner/Baker

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